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Cheryl Hart Appointed to Director of Sales and Marketing

Cheryl Hart has been appointed Director of Sales and Marketing for TNW Corporation. In

this new position, she will lead the development and implementation of strategic sales, marketing and communications initiatives for TNW. Her responsibilities include creating, implementing and evaluating comprehensive sales, marketing and communications programs, playing an active role in strategic community and business partnerships, and providing input for business planning.

Cheryl Hart

“I am very pleased to expand Cheryl’s role at TNW,” says TNW CEO Paul Treangen. “She has proven to be a resourceful, capable leader and a valuable contributor to our vision for the future.”

Previously, Mrs. Hart served as TNW’s Director of Marketing and Communications from October 2021, and as Manager of Marketing and Branding for TNW from January 2019 to October 2021.

Mrs. Hart’s sales and marketing leadership spans over 25 years, including her own marketing production company, roles in the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Fort Worth, and she currently serves on the advisory panel for the C.T. Bauer Mini MBA program at the University of Houston. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of North Texas.



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