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Track Inspections, Repairs & Maintenance

The safety of tracks and turnouts are critical to detect before serious problems arise. TNW offers comprehensive track inspection services to reduce the chance of derailment. Our experienced FRA qualified inspectors are adept at identifying everything from compromised track materials to gauge issues and alignment deviations.

We offer skilled personnel to diagnose and address all potential concerns in a professional manner. Safety is our number one priority in helping you operate your rail systems with confidence.

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At TNW Corporation, we not only focus on handling railcars, but also the tracks they move across. We offer customized railroad construction and maintenance solutions, experienced maintenance crews and a wide variety of additional services:

  • Track repair

  • Track structure inspections

  • Monthly and long-term track maintenance repair plans

We realize that unexpected events are unpredictable, so let our experience work for you to help prevent them.

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