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Railcar Cleaning & Repair  Services

TNW Logistics provides safe and efficient railcar cleaning services as part of our “one-stop-shop” service platform. With safety and customer service as our top priorities, TNW Logistics Railcar Cleaning Services' experienced staff have completed the proper certifications required by OSHA. We are ready to partner with you to establish the best fit for your company's cleaning and maintenance needs, as well as offering regular reports to assist in the management of your fleet.

Tankers/Hoppers Cleaning Services for:

  • Alcohols                    

  • Fuels

  • Refinery Products and wastes

  • Waxes

  • Glycols

  • Polymers and Polyols

  • Agricultural products

  • Acids and Caustics

  • Fertilizer solutions

  • Tallow

  • Aggregates

  • LPG and Ammonia

  • Plastic Pellets

  • Lube Oils

0122-End-of-Lease (1).jpg

Cleaning Features:

  • Lease Turn In Cleaning – save on transportation expenses by transferring cars to our storage yard once cleaned!

  • Flaring/Pressure Cleaning – TNW owned and ready for service, so there’s no extra wait time, contract labor, travel or extra charges when flared at TNW’s TXNW Railway.


Plus, we offer:


*Hydro-blasting                            *Clean to Scrap

*Flaring/Pressure Cleaning          *Clean to Storage

*Cleaning Certificate                    *Mineral Oil Wipes

*Gate Repair                                *External Wash / Internal Scrub

*Detergent Washes                      *Hot Water Washes

*Diesel Washes                            *Steam Washes

*Same Service Cleanings            *Change of Service Cleanings

* HM-216 Prep Cleanings            *Black Light Inspections

* Nitrogen Pads                            *Fogger Washes

* OTMA                                         *Passivation

* Demineralization Wash               *General Condition Inspections


TNW offers professional railcar repair services for your fleet. We will work with your schedule to provide timely turnarounds and perform quality work that meets or exceeds industry standards, so that car maintenance and repairs are done right. Our repair services are supported by our customer-focused shortlines that ensure your cars are moved according to your schedule.

We provide a wide variety of services with our professional service partners that include:

  • General modifications and repairs

  • Slack adjuster change outs

  • Tank car cleaning and repairs

  • Routine maintenance and inspections

  • Light modifications

  • Wheel changeouts

  • Valve changeouts

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