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Texas Gonzales and Northern Railway (TXGN) has been providing rail transport, storage and logistics operations for companies in the heart of Texas since 1992; and is one of our two One-Stop Supercenters for railcar services. Located midway between Gonzales and Harwood off U.S. I-10, TXGN owns and/or manages 12 lead miles of track between Harwood and Gonzales, and approximately 67 miles of storage and loop track. TXGN interchanges with the Union Pacific Railroad and handles several thousand cars carrying energy-related products, grain and animal feed meals, clay/bentonite and raw and finished heavy metal products.

  • Railcar storage – over 67 miles storage and switching track

  • Fast interchange with UP – unit train interchange capable

  • Transload operations

  • Railcar cleaning

  • Railcar repair

  • Railcar scrapping

  • Industry switching

  • Warehousing and distribution

  • Land available for lease or build-to-suit commercial development

Tariff Information

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