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TXR Railway Celebrates 25 Years

TNW Corporation celebrated the 25th anniversary of its subsidiary, TXR Railway, on Tuesday, March 28.

The occasion was held in TXR’s hometown of Brownwood, Texas, at the Lehnis Railroad Museum, with a barbecue lunch made by TXR employees who are also barbecue enthusiasts. Local leaders and customers were in attendance, as were corporate leadership and TXR staff.

TXR was founded in March, 1998, with a vision to transform the then-neglected infrastructure into a long-term investment and expansion that has created jobs and industrial growth in the Brownwood area.

Director of Business Support and Development, Joey Evans, remarked at the celebration, “We are grateful for the opportunity to safely serve the Brownwood community over the last twenty-five years and looking forward to the next twenty-five.” He went on to thank TXR customers, community and elected leaders, and employees, noting their outstanding safety record of having more than six years without an injury.



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